Tammy C.

Tammy C.

Cannot thank Walter and his team enough for taking care of my step mom’s house with this new technology to remove the mold, germs smoke and bacteria is just amazing!!!! Not only does it remove it but also prevents new growth.

My step Mom has COPD and the quality of air she is now breathing at home is just pure and clean. When I brought her home from the hospital she walked in and said oh my gosh i cannot believe my condo smells and just feels amazingly clean and so fresh. She has not had any coughing spells and has been able to sleep soundly rather than getting up and using her inhaler. I do not hear her sound like she is gasping for air when talking since we had this done.

Prior to starting Everything was explained clearly and I was educated from start to finish of the process. Walter and his team over delivered and under promised with such professionalism. Again I thank Walter and his whole team for the quality of service they provided.

In Fact I set an appointment for my Mom’s home as she also has COPD and Lunger cancer and I know doing this process to her home will improve her quality of air she is breathing, which I am confident she will be able to sleep through the night peacefully and possibly not need the high setting of oxygen as she is using now.

I will recommend this to all my friends and family!!!!!! I would definitely give them a call and start breathing pure fresh air In your home you will be amazed at the difference and the price is so reasonable and service provided is prompt professional kind and sincere.

Thank you Walter and team!!!!

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